Buying a home can be daunting for some or a standard procedure for others, but in the end, the following steps can anticipate and/or remove potential blocks on the road when buying a home. So keep on reading if you want to make this a more control environments experience, with a “surprise” free results event.

Are you ready to purchase a home?

No matter if you are a first time home buyer, or if you are upgrading, downsizing or if you have a new family or work situation, the home buy-in process has at least 120 activities happening from Contract to close!

This is why I want to make sure you have all the information and assistance you need when buying a home, so you can count with our team of professionals to take care of the whole process, including:

  • Forms and Contracts
  • Price/Inclusions Negotiations
  • Inspections and Repair Negotiations
  • Financing
  • Market Conditions
  • Appraisals
  • Sell of Existing Property
  • Relocating if Applicable

To mention a few.

So first things first when buying a home:

Get pre approved; this simple step will allow you to be in a much stronger negotiating position. Let me explain; first off you have to know what monthly payments you are comfortable with, and what is your down payment capacity, in short how much house you can afford. Knowing this before you set out looking for homes makes you a stronger negotiator, because the seller knows you have done your due diligence, your offer is strong since all the variables that come in to play when getting approved for a loan have been addressed.

Have a clear picture in your mind of your “wants”, your “needs”, your “must haves” and know the difference. This will make looking at homes much easier and more efficient, allowing you to only look at the homes that are the best match to your list.

Make a choice, after determining exactly what you are looking for, and finding the “ONE” that most reflects your ideal home. Don’t be afraid to choose and move on it, even if this home is one of the first we’ve seen, my job is precisely to put in for of you the homes that best match your wants and needs.

Get your lender’s good faith estimate: Once we have decided on the price, make sure it falls within the parameters and limits of your budget. Lender will make sure all expenses are accounted for such as taxes, Home Owners insurance, Home Owners associations, principal, interest etc.

Familiarize yourself with our “What’s Next” information piece, but mostly if you have any questions or concerns let me know. My job is to protect you and your interests when buying a home.

So, if you are ready to surround yourself with a team of professionals that will partner with you all the way, just drop us a line here and I’ll be in contact with you right away.